Unique manufacturer of electronic payment products and software
banking solution provider
produce equipment
develop software
carry out warranty
repairs and service
The main focus of FB TECH is developing and providing unique software solutions that are flexibly integrated into our clients' architecture.
Technology ownership
Solution customization
Software management security
Transparency of development stages for the client
management system
Transport solution
for payment terminals
Linux Software
Terminal Management System
Access Control and Management System
for payment terminals
and cash registers
Android Software
microcontroller, desktop for configuration, app for engineers to configure and launch the equipment, monitoring system
Antiskimming Software
When developing, we pay special attention to the safe, reliable and stable operation of the created software
Creation of automated systems based on microservices architecture
Development of cloud cluster infrastructure
Experience in building integrations with SAP and other systems
Creation of integrations with DOMC controllers of third-party equipment
Developed Linux software for payment terminals
Developed inventory system and software for Android payment terminals
Development of parameterization systems for payment terminals
Own software development team
Agile Methodology
at the core of development
Scrum system
within the team
Iterative product development
Sprint planning
(2 weeks) and super sprints (6 sprints)
Regular meetings
to synchronize all teams
for the most efficient collaboration
Functional, regression, auto-testing
Integrated Functional Tests (IFT)
Acceptance tests from client (ACTC)
Release and incident management
1, 2, 3 Support lines
UniTodi is a provider of smart and efficient payment devices, including smart Linux and Android POS terminals, smart electronic cash registers and other payment solutions.

Android 3-in-1 online cash register that combines the functions of a cash register and POS terminal
One device payment
- Contact and CTLS card
- Customer presented QR
Simultaneous use of QR and NFC payments
without additional actions from the cashier
Tax accounting
Cash register is able to replace the park of POS-terminals, giving new business opportunities at the point of sale and in non-stationary trade.
The ability to work in mobile and stationary mode. K9 works on batteries and from the network, interaction with the cash register through the Personal Account.
K9 can be an additional solution to the main cash point for unloading customer traffic or settlement at the point of sale of goods outside the cash area.
Easily sell with built-in barcode scanner.
  • Euromodule allows to increase the stability and quality of the terminal on all generations of cellular networks.
  • Easy solution transformation - connect additional devices via USB ports and provide wired communication via Ethernet port.
  • Quick charge and battery life saving system.
  • More than 12 hours of work without recharging.

Biometric smart pinpad
Biometric camera
- Binocular camera with IR illumination
- 3D camera
- 5 MP
- Contact and CTLS card
- Customer presented QR
- Biometric face recognition
- Android 12
- Touch screen PIN entry
- CPU 4-core
- Memory 2 RAM + 16 ROM
P8 can replace the usual pin pad, retaining the classic payment methods, attract new customers to pay using facial recognition and QR.
User-friendly and modern design that incorporates biometric payments will appeal to new users.
The ability to support a large number of data transfer technologies such as USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and 4G allows for compatibility with any cash point.
  • A 5MP camera with fast autofocus takes quality pictures in any conditions.
  • Powerful modern processor for working with biometric data.
  • Protective glass with a special chemical coating protects the screen from bumps and scratches.
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